Guide to Prayer-walking your school 2016

What is Prayer-walking?

Prayer walking is walking strategically in a certain place (in this case a school) and praying for the place, people, and environment you are in as you walk.

Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. –Mark 10:14

What to Pray for?

Pray for Children– Dedicate the children on campus to Jesus, that they would hear the gospel and encounter Christ early in life, that they would pursue excellence in education, and that they would be covered from any harm in safety.

Pray for Families- Pray for healthy families where children have an opportunity to develop in a loving, caring environment. Pray for marriages, siblings, and a healthy support system for these children.

Pray for Educators and Administration– Pray that schools would be able to teach foundational skills as well as character to students. Pray for schools to be able to obtain proper facilities and equipment for students to learn well. Pray for the salvation of school leadership and staff members and for boldness in those who already know Jesus Christ.

Pray for Communities and Church-School Partnerships– Pray for the communities and neighborhoods that surround the school grounds. Pray for church-school partnerships to be established around our city and for the Every School-Every Neighbor initiative to have great Kingdom value as it is acted upon.

Pray for your school today, and let us know when you did!


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