I had a dream recently that my husband was taking down all of the pictures from the walls of my home office.  I sobbed as I tried to stop him.  These were my pictures, the very best of my memories, treasures of my life – past, present and future.


It took a close friend to help me realize that it was Jesus taking away my treasured pictures.  To me they represented all of my understanding and methods of valuing what was, is and will be.  My visual images of what mattered, and what it looked like for me to be loved and to love.


Interestingly, the Lord replaced my pictures with a picture of Himself, smiling reassuringly, letting me know that He has everything under control even in the face of emanate danger – and that He has a really big taser (that’s a story for another timeJ).   This picture of Jesus beckons me to trust Him; to know that He’s got it.  To rest assured that it’s okay.
Surrendering the pictures of our lives – past, present and future – is one of the most freeing things we can do.  The experiences in this life are meant to propel us into greater depths of seeking Him, and to grow us in our praise and thanksgiving worship of the Living God.  Often times pictures limit the scope of our thankfulness and become a stumbling block to experiencing the fullness of what the Lord is currently doing in and around us, simply because His ways do not fit into the limitations that our pictures impose.  Isn’t it time we just focus on Jesus?


Before His throne together,

Judy Trent-Whitnack



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