God continues to show me that fearing Him involves seeing something of His hugeness and realizing that I am, every moment of the day, at His mercy simply because He is God and I am His creation.  HE has the ability to end my life instantaneously, or extend my life.  HE is able to upheave every future plan in one simple moment, or profoundly bless me right where I am, or do both at the same time.  HE is able to cause the sun to stand still or to lose its luster, or continue in the same rhythm He has established.  HE is able to set up kings and depose them.  HE is in charge even at moments when it seems evil has triumphed.  Why?  Because He is GOD, which means HE is the source of ALL things.  ALL things depend on HIM.

But the fear of God begins with understanding. Understanding that He is God and what it means for Him to be God.  From there, He gives revelation, even as Isaiah experienced in Isaiah 6, of our own sinfulness and uncleanness.  In seeing God’s righteousness and holiness, we see our own uncleanness and become aware that such cannot exist in the presence of the Holy God.  Our entire being cries out “Woe is me!”  In that moment we know that even at our best we are worthy of condemnation and eternal destruction.  This is an incredibly important moment, because without a complete sense of our depravity, we have no appreciation, or inadequate appreciation, for the grace that Jesus Christ provided to us through His suffering, death, resurrection and ascension.

To rejoice in the Fear of the LORD means we set our eyes on this entire picture:

HE is God, which means He is the source of all things;

HE is righteous and holy, which highlights His worthiness

Our sin nature brings condemnation;

HE is merciful in His choice to provide a scapegoat in the form of Jesus Christ’s blood for the atonement of our sins – HE didn’t have to do this;

HE is gracious in His choice to adopt us as His sons and daughters.


O the joy of our Salvation!  We rejoice in the Fear of LORD to the extent that our innermost being can grasp both His holiness and righteousness and our utter unworthiness, and that the free-will mercy and grace we so desperately need can only come from the One Who has the power and authority to grant it.  To have such power and authority requires an incredibly huge, invincible, sovereign, all-powerful, righteous, unchanging, eternal God Who is and was and always will be.  It is because of the Fear of the LORD – His fearful greatness – that we are able to rejoice!  For the treasure we were made to find is the presence of the Lord and the glory of His power! HALLELUJAH!  May the Lord increase our joy in the Fear of the LORD!

Written By Judy Trent-Whitnack


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