When God called me to lead the intercession focus group for “Leading In These Times”, I was instructed to seek the Lord about what has NOT happening in the Sacramento Region.  This came during a time when I thought so much was already happening in the area of intercessory prayer, that I could not fathom there could be more.  However, since this was about God’s desires and not my own, I began asking Him very specifically what He had in store and I clearly sensed Him saying there is an absence of the “fear of God”.

While I had heard the term “the fear of God”, I confess that I initially dismissed the idea because I understood this as something like an intersection of two ideas:  being fearful of what God would do if I messed up, and the picture of a really big, scary God that pushes me away in search of a hiding place.  These ideas surprised me because I feel like I have a genuinely intimate relationship with our triune God, but, I recognized that my interpretation was the result of my early years steeped in legalistic religion.  I also realized that I had never asked God for His explanation, but had instead leaned on my own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6).  So, I repented and asked Him to show me, to cause me to understand and to give me the fear of God, because I was becoming aware that I was desperately in need of it!

Stay tuned for more…….

Written By by Judy Trent-Whitnack


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