Sometimes God calls an intercessor to go “on location” to pray.  It may be an extended prayer walk or driving/flying to another location with the purpose of praying on site.  Sometimes God gives specific direction on how and what to pray up front.  Other times, its a process of hearing Him along the way.

I’ve had the privilege of being on a couple of prayer journeys with others.  Once through several states, praying as we drove, getting insights along the way, enjoying the adventure with God.  Sometimes there was the excitement and joy of the journey. Other times, an intensity or even heaviness that we had to battle through.

Don’t take a prayer journey lightly.  Know if you are called to go.  Prepare ahead of time possibly with a season of fasting.  Don’t go alone, unless directed by the Lord to do so.  Know your authority and what you are called or not called to do and stay within those boundaries.  Haphazardly declaring things or engaging in high levels of spiritual warfare is foolhardy and can be dangerous.  Be sent out by the covering you are under.

I’ve been asked to go on a prayer journey to Israel this Spring.  Miraculously, my way has been provided for.  I’m seeking the Lord and His direction, along with the team, how we will move forward.

You may not be commissioned to cross the ocean on a prayer journey, but ask the Lord what your prayer assignment is.  Maybe to drive to a “high place” in your city and pray blessings.  He’s got a “prayer journey” for you!

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