I recently read a great book called “Seven Secrets to Power Praying” by Jane Glenchur that I highly recommend and will be including over the next week some of the prayers and declarations found in her book. This week’s is praying for wisdom – I’m sure a topic all of us can use!

Too often we run around trying to accomplish things and don’t seek first the wisdom and solutions God wants to give to us.  We might turn to him for the “big” decisions, but He wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives, from the simple and mundane to the seemingly impossible.

“Lord, release Your Spirit of truth, wisdom, revelation, knowledge and wise counsel to me.  Align my thoughts to agree with Your thoughts and my heart to agree with Your heart.  Flood the eyes of my heart to see Your truth.  I commit this problem to You.  I trust that You will act in Your timing.  Let me see this situation (or person) through the eyes of Your Holy Spirit.  Is there anything else I need to know before making this decision?  Send forth Your light and truth to lead and guide me.”

What problems or challenges are you facing today?  Spend some time praying this prayer and listen for His response!

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