As an intercessor we find ourselves contending for others and at times we overlook the needs of our inner man. Thankfully our heavenly father directs us using circumstances, people and often our loved ones to deal with past painful experiences of unconfessed sins. God as our loving Father refuses to let us go forward until we are free of bondages or past hurts that the enemy has helped kept hidden for years.

Three years ago my son stop talking to me which ultimately cut off communication with my daughter in-law and granddaughter. This was even more hurtful because they were the only ones of three children who lived in the area. No matter how much I tried to reach out through phone or email there was no response. Many people prayed for me and encouraged me but I came to a point that I stopped asking because I was giving up hope. It was like a wound that kept being reinjured.

Three weeks ago I received an email from one of my sisters with a youtube link in the body of the email entitled “Courts of Heaven”. My sister encouraged me to listen to Rob Henderson who is speaking in this video. However I really didn’t want to go there especially if it made deal with my son issue. I didn’t delete it, I just let it lie there and all along a voice inside me was saying “Tom you need to listen to this”. So on Friday afternoon October the 9th I decided I needed to go through the video and little did I know what God had instore for me.

Right off the bat He said something about praying and not getting an answer from God. Well I sat up in my chair with note pad and pen my hand as he began to tell the journey he went through. He went on to say “why do find ourselves in conflict with the enemy when we pray”. He shared a story about his son who was married and had wonderful youth ministry but through in-law conflicts his son found himself divorced, depressed, and sealing himself off from any family contact.

As the video continued he prayed and cried out to God for 2 years with no answer or evidence of his son responding and then one day God whispered to him “Courts of Heaven”. God lead Him to Luke 18 concerning the widow and the unrighteous judge where this woman would not give up until she got an answer. The he was led to Hebrews 4:16 where it says that we can approach God’s throne with confidence so that we may receive mercy and help in our time of need. God began to show him through the Courts of Heaven is that it was like a judicial system in that when we bring needs before God who is the Righteous Judge our unconfessed sin delays Him from granting our request.  As God continued to speak to him through the widow and this Hebrew passage the focus changed from his son to his own spiritual need. In God’s Kingdom we as believers have 2 primary roles. Our priestly and our kingship role.

In the Old Testament the high priest once a year would offer up sacrifices for his sin as well as the sins of Israel. The most important thing we must do before we contend or go to battle as an intercessor is deal with our own personal sins. As I continued to listen, he said when he asked God to reveal any unconfessed personal sin, the Holy Spirit began to reveal things that he had said to his son and others that were not edifying. In less than an hour he had accomplished what took nearly 2 years of agony and heartbreak. A week and a half later his son called and said that his depression had left him and he was again seeking after God. Wow! Tears began to stream down my face as he shared the outcome of God moving and returning his to him.

Next morning I went into my room and took out a sheet of paper and pen and asked God to reveal personal sins. As He did I wrote, confessed them and I crossed them out. I was in my room for almost an hour and I can say without a doubt I accomplished in 1 hour what I had been trying to do for over 3 years. The results came immediately. God removed the pain and hurt in my heart towards my son completely. An overpowering peace came over me. I had hope as God restored my confidence that He would bring my son and his family back to me. My wife and I had been wanting to celebrate my Granddaughter’s 2nd birthday so my wife had invited them over for dinner for a specific time when there schedule permitted 2 weeks earlier hoping they would respond.

At the last minute we got the word that they would all be coming. What a wonderful time we had. There was no uneasiness or hesitation as we enjoyed each other’s company with much conversation going back and forth. They even stayed longer than they had planned. My son’s wife brought pictures for us to keep of Georgia our granddaughter. As they were leaving my son turned back to give me one last hug and told me he loved me.

Days following I realized that God had healed my wounded spirit. I felt a deeper love and compassion for people especially those who are hurting. He has also given me greater patience and a much less desire to retaliate when an injustice is done to me or to those whom I love. This is where true breakthrough and revival begins, for the prayer of a righteous intercessor accomplishes much.

Pray On

Tom Senter

Capitol Fellowship Foundation President

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