Some years ago in my journey with the Lord, He brought me to a place where I talked with Him about everything I ate.  Everything!  There were times when I would so much desire to eat a particular food, that I would talk to Him as I took a bite.  Other times I would hear a “no”, but pretend I didn’t know if it was from Him, and eat the item anyway on the premise of erring in favor of my own desires!  My stomach and fleshly desires definitely had no plans to give up their reign!


Around that time, during a group discussion, a dear brother insisted that God didn’t care about the details.  I disagreed, stating that He cared about everything I ate!


It turns out that God was doing a great, individualized work in my heart and life.  He was setting me free from my past of bulimia and use of food for comfort.  He was also using this safe-to-fail environment to train me to converse with Him and obey.  To ask and listen before proceeding.


From these years of preparation, The Lord moved me into mentoring and then added speaking.  Who would have thought that our food conversations were actually preparing me to be able to minister through the power of His Spirit, conversing with Him and following His leading as I speak with others?


What is God using in your life right now to train you for the good works He has prepared for you to do?  Our God is creative beyond imagination!


Written by: Judy Trent-Whitnack


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