Exciting news!  SacramentoPRAYS is looking for people who have a heart to pray for others to be a part of a regional prayer team, equipped and ready when needed, to minister at regional events.  There is no obligation.  You will be placed on a list and receive occasional invitations to serve on altar ministry teams.   Simply respond to the email, letting us know whether or not you are able to assist with the referenced event.  We’d love to see an army of regional intercessors trained to respond when needed to bless our region.

To ensure we minister in one accord, we are requesting that each team member attend one of our altar call training sessions.  The first of these will be Saturday, October 11, 10-12pm at The Rock of Roseville.  Whether you are new to praying for others or a seasoned intercessor, you will be blessed, inspired and impacted as we explore “heart” issues, operating in power and authority, as well as guidelines.  The workshop will include hands-on praying for each other in a ministry setting.

Questions?  Feel free to contact us at http://sacprays.com/contact/.

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