“Honor”, according to HELPS Word-Studies, means perceived value, worth, willingly assigned to something.

I encourage you to take a moment and ask the Lord if you are willingly assigning worth to everyone you see and meet.  This is what He is calling us to.


A Culture of Honor is created when many people are seeing and wholeheartedly KNOWING the greatness of God and rejoicing in the fear of the Lord first and foremost!  The first and greatest commandment in action (Matt 22:37-39).  From this place in which we receive the profound love of God, we are able to love our neighbors as ourselves, treating each person with the intrinsic worth that Jesus Christ applied to each one of us when He willingly died for us.


A Culture of Honor also includes having a “Body of Christ” mentality, as in 1 Cor. 12:12-27 and Ephesians 4:4-6.  Seeing Jesus Christ as the head and seeking to honor and obey HIM in all that we do and say – just like a healthy body follows the commands of the brain.  In this mentality, we see one another as joint heirs in Christ and fellow members of HIS body, with the rest of our stories falling into place underneath.  This means that other members’ suffering is our suffering, and their joy is our joy.  We are one Body.


The opposite of a Culture of Honor is a Culture of Dishonor, which sees through physical eyes, with a focus on physical features such as races, denominations, genders, body types, mannerisms, styles, gifts, talents, titles, possessions and so forth.  James 2:1-6 warns against this mentality and even uses the word “dishonor.”  A Culture of Dishonor sees suffering, such as racial suffering, and responds by going on our way, wondering when they are going to “get over it.”  A Culture of Dishonor looks to others for deliverance rather than God, and has a mentality that we, in and of ourselves, are able to deliver.  A Culture of Dishonor at best tolerates on another.


Which culture do you want to live in?  So your part as you make your choice It is time for us to understand and actively grow a Culture of Honor in the Sacramento Region!  Today!

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